Closes 17 Sep 2021

Opened 15 Nov 2018


Thank you for your interest in the Generic Design Assessment for the UK HPR1000 reactor technology.

We shall consider all relevant comments and seek to respond within 30 days. As per the requirements of the GDA process, we will share all comments received, along with our responses, with the regulators.

Comments received after 25 October 2019 will be considered as part of the ONR’s assessment of Step 4.   

During Step 4, the EA will hold a public consultation to seek views on its preliminary conclusions of the detailed assessment to date. The consultation will help inform the EA's decision on whether to issue a statement of design acceptability. 

The GDA is a continuous process and all comments received up until around four months before the end of the GDA will be considered by General Nuclear System and the regulators.

For more information on the regulators’ process, please visit their website.

Please note that the GDA process does not cover policy for, or the principles of nuclear or the siting of potential power stations.

If you have any questions on how to submit a comment or a problem with any part of this website, please Contact us.

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